The food bank has been in existence since 1990, it was started by a group of women from the St. John’s United Church in Campbellford, ON as a temporary measure to help a few people that were having problems obtaining food for their families.

The food bank is run by a Board of Directors who meet monthly to discuss issues and to be updated on financial matters pertaining to the operation of the food bank. Each November an Annual Meeting is held both to elect new officers to the Board and present a budget for the coming year.

Most of the food that is given out comes from the Food4All warehouse in Cobourg ON, the OAFB (Ontario Association of Food Banks) hub for our region. Also, the Food Bank is generously supported by the community with both monetary donations and food drives. The local schools, retail stores and churches lead the way with food drives which are generously supported by the community. The food bank does receive a yearly donation from the United Way, but there is no government funding.